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Which Should I Use: A Detox Center or a Treatment Facility?

This choice depends on the individual and his/her goals for treatment. Detox centers are for short-term management of symptoms and 24/7 medical supervision. Detox alone is not considered treatment, detox is solely focused on removing the substance from the body. The deeper rooted issues that have resulted in the substance use disorder for many of us are not addressed until the patient is well past the physical symptoms. We believe that addressing these symptoms along with physical symptoms is crucial to long-term recovery.

At treatment facilities like Surfside Recovery, patients receive a comprehensive physical and mental evaluation upon entering the program. We supervise the withdrawal process and prescribe medications to help manage any concurrent health concerns. Once the detox process has been completed, the patient continues a treatment plan with their clinical providers and receives a long-term road map for rehabilitation and recovery.

Regardless of your choice, if someone is seeking ongoing abstinence from drugs or alcohol, a continued care plan is absolutely vital for success. If you enter into a treatment facility after detox, counselors and other clinicians can work alongside you in order to meet your treatment goals.

The Takeaway for Withdrawal and Detox

Alcohol and other drug withdrawal can be serious. Although many people experience mild symptoms and may confuse withdrawal with something harmless, the outcome of withdrawal is unpredictable and potentially life-threatening—especially if you have any existing health complications. Involving your doctor or a medical facility will ensure you are safe and protected.

If you have tried to quit on your own before, medical involvement to manage withdrawal is even more important. Addiction is not your fault. Don’t blame yourself. But keep in mind that, had you been able to quit alone, you likely would have already. Our team at Surfside Recovery is here to help and provide you with medication-assisted treatment to manage your withdrawals, a safe environment to focus entirely on quitting, and a long-term treatment plan that increases the likelihood of long-term recovery.

You are not alone in this. Together, we will overcome addiction