Residential Inpatient

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Surfside Recovery has the highest standards for residential treatment.

We believe that people who receive caring, compassionate support in a luxury setting have the highest chances for success in recovery.

Research shows that empathy and understanding are better responses to addiction than judgements and moralizing. We don’t want our clients to enter treatment with their guards up, though we realize that some do. But once they step foot through our doors and see how welcoming and supportive our facility is, their attitudes change.

Located in sunny Huntington Beach, CA, Surfside Recovery gives our clients the tools they need to succeed in addiction recovery. We have six beds, with private and shared rooms available. Clients are able to remove themselves from their current situation and work on their recoveries in a calming, relaxing setting.

Because every addiction is different, it’s important to find out what level of care you need. Contact our admissions department to learn more about our residential rehabilitation program and if it’s the right fit for you.

Why Residential Treatment is Often the First Step in Recovery

Residential treatment is one of the highest levels of treatment, which is why we recommend it for most people struggling with substance use. Addiction is a complex brain disorder that involves a compulsive cycle of reward, motivation and memory. You can’t simply recover from a condition of this magnitude overnight. It takes hard work and consistency, which starts in residential treatment.

The benefits to a residential treatment program are:

  • 24-hour support. Residential treatment facilities offer around-the-clock care and supervision. This is important for those who have severe addictions, co-occurring mental health conditions and self-harm or suicidal tendencies.
  • Balanced routine. One of the most important aspects of recovery is having a healthy routine that eliminates bad habits, old tendencies and negative thought patterns. Inpatient treatment provides this foundation, as it removes you from your current living situation and makes it easier to shape new and healthy habits.
  • Supportive environment. Not everyone goes home to a supportive, positive living environment. Residential rehab does offer this setting, encouraging clients to express their feelings, try new things and work through trauma in a safe environment.
  • Holistic support. Surfside Recovery doesn’t just address the physical aspects of addiction. We treat the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects as well. This is done through holistic therapies such as yoga, music therapy, fitness groups and more.

We Have the Tools to Transform Your Life

Surfside Recovery will teach you the tools and skills needed to succeed in recovery. We tell our clients to practice the “one day at a time mentality” so that they can allocate their mental and physical energy to the right places. No one knows what the next day or week will bring, so all we can do is focus on what we have today.

During your time in treatment, you will have access to a wide range of evidence-based and alternative therapies to support your recovery. A day in recovery looks like this:

  • Healthy breakfast and early meetings
  • Daily individual and group therapy in the afternoons
  • Specialized sessions and family therapy as needed
  • Free time for journaling, meditating, exercise, etc.
  • Evening 12-step meetings and relaxing

Your treatment team will work with you to create a structured schedule that meets your needs. You will have free time as well, and we have plenty to enjoy with our rooftop deck, stone patio with fire pit, soak-in tubs, fireplace and flat-screen televisions. Although you will be working hard in treatment, we want you to have some time to reflect on your own.

Begin Your Journey with One-On-One Personalized Treatment

Surfside Recovery offers a beautiful open-space floor plan with four bedrooms, four bathrooms and six beds. You’ll be just blocks away from surf, sun and sand. With our personalized services, caring support staff and luxurious environment, residential rehab will make your recovery journey a pleasant one. Contact our admissions department to speak with a member from our team.