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Just because you are entering treatment for a substance use disorder does not mean that you should give up the things that make you comfortable.

In fact, we feel that these things are even more important right now, as you should be focusing all of your energy on getting better.

Surfside Recovery offers a tranquil, spacious home where clients can remove themselves from everyday triggers. Our facility is located in Huntington Beach, CA, near the Pacific Ocean. With miles of uninterrupted coastline, you are just minutes away from a place of healing and restoration. Our clients love to sit outside and let the scenic views fill their souls with peace.

During your stay, you get to enjoy amazing amenities such as a full kitchen with upgraded appliances, upscale bathrooms, a fireplace and fire pit, cozy patio, direct access to a rooftop deck and so much more. We are also proud to offer private and shared bedrooms so that you can choose the level of privacy you feel comfortable with.

While you don’t need a taste of luxury to have a successful recovery, we still feel it’s important to be comfortable during your stay. View our accommodations below and let us know if you have any questions!

Interior Photo Gallery

Exterior Photo Gallery