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When deciding to seek help for addiction, the cost of treatment should be the last concern on you or a loved ones mind. We offer free insurance verification along with transportation to our detox facility. Let us handle the heavy lifting while you focus on getting well in comfortable setting. We aim to make the drug or alcohol detox process as easy as possible.


Trusted by Major Insurance Providers

Surfside Recovery accepts 100+ private insurance policies and offers cost-effective private-pay plans.

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Our Drug & Alcohol Detox Facility Stands Out For It's Exceptional Comfort. While Completing The Recovery Process, We Want You As Comfortable As Possible & Focusing On What Matters, Getting Well.

Real Recovery Stories

James Villa
James Villa
2 months ago
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This is the perfect program for young men who are serious about getting sober, and turning their lives around. Getting into this program I knew that sobriety was the end goal, what I didn’t expect was the help I would receive addressing my other short comings as an adult. The staff is well rounded and help residents with resume building, budgeting, time management, to name a few - all while focusing on staying sober and accepting life on life’s terms. The executive director of the program, Dan Miranda, treats all residents fair and has the perfect temperament to run a serious structured sober living environment. The staff is made up of young men who have been in your shoes, and can show you what being sober and happy can look like. These guys provide support when you need to be propped up, and will guide you in the right direction when they see you straying from the path.
keith paris
keith paris
2 days ago
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Our son is doing so very well thanks to Surfside and the work he has done with Surfside. Because our son left home and went to Surfside at such a young age, he had to grow up quickly. Our son has matured more than his brothers that are years older than he is. Remarkable how much our son has matured and grown in just the year he has been at Surfside. He left home as a boy and is now a young man. The entire experience has caused me to reevaluate how I raised all of my kids in the sense that I have learned that I did way too much for our kids and we should have instead let them do more for themselves, struggled more, worked more, gained more independence - all the things that our son experienced during his time away from home while at Surfside. I think our son being surrounded by other young men that were older than him (while he was at Surfside) also provided him with a lot of good role models to emulate.
Kevin Loalbo
Kevin Loalbo
4 months ago
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This is one of, if not the best, program on the east coast. Surfside has paved the way for many young men to find and maintain long term sobriety. Surfside provided me with everything necessary to lead a happy and healthy life.
t woodfall
t woodfall
3 months ago
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My son Joe had been to a dozen treatment centers, many of which promised me the world. He had been to so many he knew more about addiction and relapse then most counselors. Surfside gave Joe the opportunity to learn how to apply what he had learned and equate that to true Recovery and a life of real purpose. He also learned how to enjoy the things he loved before his addiction stole everything from him all over again such as Surfing, Hiking and music. He celebrated 4 years sober in September and I’ve had the gift of watching him become the man I always knew he could be. Through Joe receiving the structure, accountability and life long friends developed at Surfside I’ve gotten my family back. He’s become an amazing Son, Brother, Uncle and overall contribution to those whose lives he touches everyday. I highly recommend Ian and his whole crew.
Matt Blomquist
Matt Blomquist
8 months ago
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I have worked in the addiction treatment field for the last decade and have known Surfside’s Executive Director, Ian Koch, for just as long. It has been a great experience to watch Surfside grow in to what it is today. I have referred a number of people to Surfside including my own family and close contacts. I believe in what they do and the help they are offering men in recovery.
Gale Weinberg
Gale Weinberg
9 months ago
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My son started Surfside Recovery Services in the summer of 2020. Unfortunately, he was unable to maintain his sobriety and had to leave because the program has a zero tolerance policy. However, the program does not leave you abandoned and hopeless, as Ian Koch, the Executive DIrector, Dan Miranda, the Clinical Program Director, and the Case Manager for my son were all available to assist me as a parent and encourage continued sobriety for my son. Relapse is sometimes part of recovery. After a stay at a Detox Center and a Rehab facility, my son returned to Surfside Recovery Services in August 2021, where he participated in the Relapse Program.
Seastone Media
Seastone Media
3 months ago
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Fantastic program! I have made it 6 years so far as a result of completing the program years ago.

Our Medical Detox Program Is Designed To Work... We Intentionally Maintain a 1:1 Client to Staff Ratio Ensuring Each Person In Our Care Receives Structured Support Which Is Proven To Help Clients Acheive Success.

Drug & Alcohol Detox Service

Our detox service is designed to help individuals safely and comfortably withdraw from drug & alcohol addiction, using a combination of medication and support from our trained medical staff.

24/7 Support

Our 24/7 support line is available to offer guidance and assistance to individuals in need, anytime, day or night.

Group Therapy

Our group therapy sessions provide a supportive environment for individuals to connect with others in recovery and work through challenges together. 

Residential Treatment

Our residential treatment program offers a comprehensive and immersive approach to recovery, with round-the-clock support and access to a range of therapies and activities. 

Alumni Program

Our alumni program helps to keep individuals connected to our community and resources even after they have completed treatment. 

Holistic Therapy

Our holistic therapy offerings include a range of non-traditional approaches, such as yoga, meditation, and art therapy, to help individuals find healing on multiple levels.

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About Surfside
Recovery: Drug & Alcohol Detox Options That Provide Lasting Results

Surfside Recovery takes a modern approach to drug and alcohol detox, steering clear of outdated methods. Our treatment combines evidence-based therapy with holistic healing techniques, ensuring that every client receives the best possible care. Our ultimate goal is to support long-term recovery, empowering you to leave our program with the tools and skills necessary to avoid future rehab processes.



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Our Goal Is To Provide Drug & Alcohol Detox Options That Offer A Long Term Solution To Addiction

We make sure our clients have the tools they need when they reach the final stage of our recovery process. With a newfound sense of self and growing support network, you or your loved one can experience life with a happy and healthy new perspective.

4 Levels Of Care

Holistic Treatment

Focused On Real Recovery

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Sobriety Begins With A Call

Surfside Recovery gives our clients the tools they need to recover from their addiction and function in the real world. Most clients start with drug & alcohol detox, the process of eliminating drugs, alcohol and other toxins from the body. We provide around-the-clock support and monitoring to keep our clients safe, while providing healing in a luxury setting because comfortability matters. 

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Discover What You Are Capable Of. Benefits Of Our Medical Detox Program:

At Surfside Recovery, we believe in treating the root causes of substance use disorder. Our clinical team is excited to work together with you and your family to begin to heal your mind, body, and spirit.

  • Professional Guidance
  • Safe & Supportive Environment
  • A Holistic Approach
  • Life Skills & Coping Mechanisms
  • Aftercare Support

We Take A Different Approach!

Many treatment centers take on a one-size-fits-all approach when treating addiction which doesn’t work. We understand that every individual has their own story which is why we offer individualized care, tailored specifically to each client.

Our goal is to uncover your unique motivations for using drugs or alcohol. Are you trying to numb uncomfortable feelings and emotions? Are you trying to escape from past trauma? Everybody has a different story, and your treatment plan will reflect this.

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